CCTR's mission is to develop innovative end-to-end solutions that will enable extramural diagnosis, monitoring, coaching and treatment, to provide scientifically sound knowledge on how this technology can be safely and effectively used in new concepts of care and care relate prevention,  and as a  whole implemented  in daily life and  care practice, and  to  make  a significant  contribution  to  economic  activity  in  this field.

Operational plan 2011-2013

Each of the partners has ongoing research projects that are relevant to the envisioned content of CCTR. Projects from the founding organizations that are in line with the CCTR research programme are brought to CCTR, provided that legal and financial constraints are met.

The first challenge is to integrate these projects in a consistent research programme with a future development scope.
The second challenge is to develop ‘physical’ bridges between the partner organizations. They have to be built and the organizational structure of the centre has to be developed.

Preparation phase
Four actions will be undertaken in the preparation phase.

  • The preparation phase has already started with an extensive inventory of ongoing projects, expertise, experience and infrastructure with all partners.
  • The Management Team prepares a long-term comprehensive working plan for the centre and a detailed working plan for the first year. Both plans must be ready by spring 2011. In the meantime preparations will be made for the appointment of key staff. The MT members will have dual appointments with one of the other partner organizations. The third task of the MT will be to develop a training programme for PhD students within CCTR, based on existing PhD training programmes at UT and MU/CAPHRI.
  • In spring 2011 a two day conference will be held with all partners and stakeholders. The long-term roadmap for CCTR and the short-term plan for the three main programmes will be presented and discussed at this conference.
  • In the summer of 2011 we hope to have clarity about the development of the IMDI programme on a national and an international level. At that time the plans will be integrated with the national agenda of IMDI and where possible with international agendas.

Research grants and valorization plan
Management and programme managers will apply for research grants from national and international funds and organizations, and select and hire PhD students. The valorization plan will be developed in parallel. To this end, current and new contacts will be developed, products promoted and distributed. The valorization plan addresses IP, licensing and venturing. The planning and control cycles of research, development, business development and venturing will be evaluated bi-annually on their impact and modified, where necessary, to create the highest impact.

Research projects and funding
The centre will be financially supported in the first year by the founding organizations. The aim is to develop joint research projects from the outset, so that the ‘body’ of CCTR will grow even before funding from the national IMDI programme becomes available. Should this funding not become available, the partners will proceed with CCTR, but development will then be substantially slower and the centre will not reach the projected turnover of about 11 million euro’s after seven years. The goal will then be set at half this turnover, to be reached after seven years.


  • Kick-off meeting and signing of collaboration agreement: October 13, 2010
  • Develop joint research proposals for existing programmes: Start October 13, continuous activity; during 2011 at least 5 proposals submitted
  • Development of workplan 2011 and roadmaps for the three programmes: ready December 2010
  • Installation of advisory council: spring 2011
  • Development of digital communication infrastructure between partners: ready summer 2011
  • Development of a plan for international collaboration: continuous activity
  • Development of key performance indicators and internal procedures: ready spring 2011
  • Development of IP policy: spring 2011
  • Summer course on care technology: August 2011
  • Prepare plan for 2012 and further: autumn 2011


  • December 2010: work plan for 2011 to be decided upon by scientific leaders and partner organizations
  • Summer 2011: decision about national funding if the IMDI initiative
  • December 2011: final strategic and work plan for 2012 and further to be decided upon by scientific leaders and partner organizations.