CCTR's mission is to develop innovative end-to-end solutions that will enable extramural diagnosis, monitoring, coaching and treatment, to provide scientifically sound knowledge on how this technology can be safely and effectively used in new concepts of care and care relate prevention,  and as a  whole implemented  in daily life and  care practice, and  to  make  a significant  contribution  to  economic  activity  in  this field.

A new chair at Maastricht University Medical Center +: Research in physical functioning in chronic disease

In order to stimulate the research in physical functioning of people with chronic diseases a new chair “Physiotherapy, Physical Functioning in chronic disease” will be installed in the Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+).

The overall objective of the new chair “Physiotherapy, Physical Functioning in Chronic Diseases”  is to improve innovation, research and education in the domain of physiotherapy. The research program aims for new concepts for the preservation and improvement of physical functioning of people with chronic diseases, where necessary aided by the use of innovative care technology. The chair and his research team will cooperate with regional, national and international research- and care-institutes and branch organizations.

The chair will be occupied by dr. Nico van Meeteren, physiotherapist and neuroscientist. Van Meeteren earned his PhD-degree in 1994 with fundamental research on functional recovery of experimental acute and chronic locomotor tract pathologies and since 2011 he is director at TNO of the Innovation area “Health for life”.

The chair will be part of the research institute CAPHRI, of the MUMC+, and is a result of the cooperation between the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF),  TNO and the Center for Care Technology Research (CCTR).