CCTR's mission is to develop innovative end-to-end solutions that will enable extramural diagnosis, monitoring, coaching and treatment, to provide scientifically sound knowledge on how this technology can be safely and effectively used in new concepts of care and care relate prevention,  and as a  whole implemented  in daily life and  care practice, and  to  make  a significant  contribution  to  economic  activity  in  this field.

Founding partners

Maastricht University (MU) is the coordinating partner in CCTR. Within MU the centre is embedded in CAPHRI, the school for public health and primary care research. CAPHRI is one of the top research institutes at MU as an acknowledged centre of excellence in extramural care, with 450 scientific and support staff and over 200 registered PhD students. CAPHRI also coordinates the KNAW acknowledged national research school CaRe, the largest primary care research school in the Netherlands. CAPHRI has a strong research programme that focuses on healthcare innovation, implementation and (cost) effectiveness research, with strong links to public health and primary care practice. The school has a well developed research training programme, with a strong emphasis on healthcare innovation and extramural care, covering professional as well as societal perspectives.

In Twente, the centre is embedded in the Mira and CTIT research institutes. Mira is the expanding institute for Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine, with 250 researchers from 4 faculties, coordinating all health-related research at the University of Twente. CTIT stands for Centre for Telematics and Information Technology and is a research institute with 440 researchers in 4 faculties. It is also the coordinating institute of Nirict, the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT, which comprises all ICT research at the three Dutch technical universities.

TNO is an independent innovation organisation. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably boost the competitive strength of industry and the welfare of society. TNO’s more than 4000 professionals work on practicable knowledge and solutions for the problems of global scarcity. TNO initiates technological and societal innovation for healthy living and a dynamic society. TNO focuses its efforts on seven themes: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Energy/Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Mobility, Built Environment, Information Society, and Defence, Safety and Security. For more information, please visit,